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Do You Need Parents And Students To Show School Support And Spirit? Get Everyone Involved

Are you having a hard time getting parents and students around the school to show school spirit and to get involved in supporting your sports teams or other organizations? If so, there are some things you can do to change the atmosphere at these school events. Here are a few things the parents association, administration or pep club can do to set the tone.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are affordable, easy to design, weather resistant, and easy to store for all your events and organizations. You can design custom vinyl banners with your logo and organization name to go on bleachers and fences, in the ground with stakes, and anywhere that you have students competing.

These are great because you can get customized banners for each sport or group, and they won't get damaged easily. Any coach or team parent can grab them out of storage and take them to the event for that day without a lot of hassles. Work with a company like Davis Sign Co to make some great banners for your school.

Mascot Incentives

Offering the older students that could be the mascot, or parents that have the time to volunteer, incentives for their participation is a great way to get the mascot at each event. You can offer the student's credit for volunteer hours if they need them for an organization they are in, students could be offered extra credit, and more. Parents that volunteer could be given some free spirit wear or free entrance into the different events they attend. Having a mascot is going to boost crowd involvement.

Cheap Spirit Wear Giveaways

You can have t-shirts and sweatshirts made in child and adult sizes at a low cost through various online printing companies. Spend the money to make a bulk order, and give the shirts out to parents with students on the sports teams and in the organizations, or offer the apparel at cost. Someone is much more willing to buy a shirt that is only a few dollars, and then your stands will look full of supporters.

These are just a few ideas to get everyone out in the crowd in the mood to show their school spirit and to be festive at school events. The students are going to feel supported when they see the school pride all around them and when the parents and students are wearing supportive apparel. There are other promotional items you can get to hand out, like sports balls, pompoms, bins, baseball hats and more. 

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