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Tips for Including Infographics on Your Banners

If you are planning on going to a trade show, you likely want to get as much positive attention for your company as possible while you are at the show. This will help make the time and money spent on attending the event worth the investment, as well as drum up business for your company. This can help you turn a profit with greater ease. One way to draw people's attention is to have attractive, well-designed banners.

You can maximize these banners by including infographics, or attractive presentations of data, on them that people will want to stop and read. Here are some tips for including infographics on your banners.

1. Have Data That People Want to Know

There are a lot of good data that you can include—serious or funny. You want to be sure that your infographic includes information that can be used as a fun talking point because it will cause people to recall your banner.

For example, if you are a company that offers plumbing solutions, have a bar graph that shows the average amount of time that a toilet spends being flushed. Then, compare it to the toilets that you install, which take a shorter amount of time. Add this information to the bar graph. People will think that this information is useful and be happy to see that your toilets take a shorter amount of time to be flushed.

2. Keep it Simple

Be sure that you are keeping the data as simple as possible. This will allow it to easily be read from afar. Rely on charts that are easy to be interpreted, such as bar charts, pie charts, and simple scatter plots with a regression line drawn through them. This will allow people walking by to get a gist of the infographic and decide if they want to come back later to investigate further.

3. Use Contrasting Colors

Be sure that you are using contrasting colors for your chart and other colors that are very easy to read. This will make it easier for people passing by to take in your infographic and gain knowledge from it without having to squint. If you're ordering a sign through another service, ask them about contrasting colors that not only look great but coordinate with your brand colors. The colors you use should match the purpose and mood of your services.

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