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Use Incandescent Or Fluorescent Bulbs In Your Home? Benefits Of Replacing Them With Leds

If you currently use fluorescent or incandescent bulbs in your home you may not realize how much money they are costing you. LED bulbs alone are more energy efficient and can save you money. According to Consumer Reports, LED light bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, which is five times longer than other bulbs currently on the market. For this reason, you should replace your current lights to LED lights. The easiest way to do this is to use an LED retrofit kit. Below are the many benefits of doing this.


Some of the benefits you will find when you replace your lights with LED retrofit kits include:

Regulate the Lights

With LED retrofit kits you can easily dim the lights to different levels so you can regulate the brightness depending on what you need. Using dimmed lights is even more energy efficient.

Protect You from UV Rays

There are no ultra violet rays in LED retrofit lights as you will find in fluorescent tubes. They also do not transmit UVs, which makes these lights suitable for your home, as well as commercial buildings.

They Have Versatility

You can use LED retrofit kits in a variety of applications. This means they work well in your home, as well as office, garage, and commercial buildings. This is because the kits are designed to fit any place that you need lights.

No Maintenance

Because LED lights last much longer there is no maintenance that you need to do until it is time to replace the bulbs. Because other lights have to be changed more often, this takes up your time and costs you more money.

Do not Hum or Flicker

If you currently use fluorescent lighting anywhere in your home, you know how they can hum and flicker. LED retrofit lights do not do this, which means no matter where you have the lights the room will be quiet and peaceful. Flickering lights can also cause eyestrain, which results in headaches.

Better for the Environment

When compared to traditional bulbs on the market, LED lights are better for the environment. Because they last longer less waste is thrown into the landfills. Throwing away incandescent or fluorescent lights in the landfill can create mercury waste that can pollute water.

You can purchase LED light retrofit kits at a home improvement store, and they come with everything you need to install the them in your home. Many people can install the lights on their own so you can save money by not having to hire an electrician, like Cardinal Sign Corporation, to install them for you.

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