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How To Attract More Attention When You're Selling A Home On A Dead End Street

When selling a home, a number of potential buyers will first see the home and show interest when they drive by and spot the sign in the yard. So, selling a home on a dead end street can be notably harder than selling one on a busy avenue. This does not mean your home has to sit on the market without a buyer for months on end. Thankfully, there are several ways to attract more attention to such a home.

Place signs on nearby streets.

People may not drive by the home itself very often, but there's probably a busier street that intersects with the dead end -- right? Consider purchasing a couple of lighted real estate signs and placing them along this street. Have them printed with the address of the home for sale and an arrow pointed in the direction of the home. People who drive and are looking for homes will spot the sign and realize there's a home to see.

"Brag" about the dead end on your online listings.

Online listings are an important key to selling a home these days. But you don't want a potential buyer heading out to look at your home and then failing to find it because it's hidden down a small, dead end street! To avoid this calamity, really emphasize the home's location in your real estate listings. Living on a dead end street is ideal for a lot of buyers, including those who prefer a quieter neighborhood and those with kids who are worried about traffic safety. Including this as a key advertising point will help attract buyers who are specifically looking for homes on dead end streets.

Really play up the advantages of living on a dead end.

People who have never lived on a dead end may not realize all of the advantages that come with this arrangement. So, include them in your listings. Some benefits include:

  • Less traffic
  • You get to know the neighbors more easily
  • Safer for kids to play in the street
  • Not as many people walking down the sidewalks

You could also include these benefits on print outs that show a picture of the home and its details, and then leave some of these print outs in a slot in your sign holder. This way, if people pass the real estate sign on the main road, they can see what your home has to offer before even having to drive around the corner and down your dead end street.

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