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3 Ways To Treat Your Vinyl Banner Right

Vinyl banners are great ways to advertise your store and business and can be used for multiple events. In order to get the most mileage possible out of your vinyl banner, you need to make sure that you treat your vinyl banner right.

Take It Down & Clean It

When you are done using your banner for a special event, be sure to take it down right away. After you take it down, you need to clean your banner before you store it. To clean your banner, use some gentle soap, such as dish soap, warm water, and a sponge to clean your banner. Be sure to clean both the front and backside of your banner. When you are done cleaning your banner, allow it to air dry before putting it in storage.

If you keep your banner up for long periods of time, it is a good idea to take the banner down once a month or so and clean it. Cleaning your banner will keep it looking fresh and new.

Store It Properly

Make sure that you store your banner properly. You should never fold your banner up; this will create creases in your banner that you will not be able to get out and will weaken the vinyl.

Instead, you should roll up your banner. Rolling your banner will protect and preserve the vinyl. After you roll up your banner, don't just stick it in your storage. Instead, place it inside of a storage tube that can hold the banner as it is rolled up without having to fold up the banner at all. This is the best way to store your banner if you want to use it again.

Prepare It Before Hanging It

When you take your banner out of storage, you are going to want to get your banner ready before you hang it up. Unroll the banner and smooth it out. If there are any creases or wrinkles in the banner, lay it out open in the sun. This will relax the vinyl and get rid of any wrinkles. If it is not warm outside, you can also use a blow dryer to warm up your banner and get rid of any wrinkles.

If you have a banner that you keep up all the time, be sure to take it down and clean it every month or so. When you want to store your banner, be sure to clean it, dry it, roll it up and place it in a storage bin. Before you hang it up again after you take it out of storage, be sure to smooth it out and allow the material to warm up before hanging it up. 

If you have more questions about vinyl banners, contact a professional sign manufacturer. 

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