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A Neon Sign For Your Home-Based Business: It Could Really Light Up Sales

Over half of all small businesses are run from home in America, and if you're one of these hardworking entrepreneurs, you know you need every advantage available to you. When it comes to advertising and marketing, the signage you choose can have a significant impact on how well your business does, and the one type of signage that really outshines all others is neon.

The Benefits Of A Neon Sign For Home-Based Businesses

These kinds of signs attract attention much more than standard signs that don't shine or otherwise draw people to them. Your sign can announce the presence of your business or the hours you're open, but it's also going to project a certain attitude or personality, especially if you choose a custom design that's unique and artistic.

Signs are an extension of the brands they represent, so make sure the one you opt for complements your company and speaks on your behalf. You don't want a bright image simply for the sake of attracting attention; rather, you want to convey as much information about your business as possible with it.

Structural And Landscaping Challenges

The place your sign hangs should be easily seen from the street, and even though it's going to work hard for your business, you don't want it to interfere with the aesthetics of your home or landscaping. Choose a place for the sign where no branches or other growth are likely to push it around, poke into it, or even knock it over. If your sign is going indoors, pick a large and visible window, close to an electrical outlet that will power the transformer that ignites the gases within the sign's tubes.

Choosing Your Brilliant New Sign

While you might think the name of your company should be spelled out in the bright lights, depending on how well you're known, the service you provide should be considered first. For example, a sign that reads "taxes" or "PC repair" immediately gives the viewer a reason to contact the business, whereas a simple name does not. Weigh your options and make your choices based on getting the most bang for your buck the sign can provide.

In terms of design, your glowing advertisement should take the following into consideration:

  • Contrast among colors and with the background/environment for optimal readability.
  • Color itself might represent your brand imaging or elicit a chosen response from the viewer.
  • Size, to have the greatest impact possible from the furthest likely vantage point.

Incorporating The Sign Into Branding

Your new sign won't just attract new customers passing by your home-based business; it can be incorporated into your entire branding process. Use the design of the sign on your business cards, website, and other items to help people associate the image of the sign with your company. Even if you don't use the exact image, incorporating the colors will tie your marketing efforts into a neat little package.

Regular Maintenance

Taking care of your neon sign does not involve a lot of work, especially if it's hung indoors. Simply dust it off now and then with a wispy brush or sham cloth to ensure that dirt isn't allowed to collect on the tube or other components. If your sign is outdoors, you're more than likely going to need to use a cleaner to work away pollen dust, dirt, and other natural debris. A window cleaner followed by gentle wiping should suffice. As you clean the sign, look closely for signs of wear and tear, such as loose parts or wires. Generally, these types of signs are durable and last a long time; however, because you never want this glowing advertisement to look unprofessional, like it might if a letter stopped working, you should check it regularly, particularly if it's kept outside, and always after storms.

It's generally better if you turn your neon sign off after hours, as constant running could tax the transformer. A timer might be an efficient way to manage the sign and shouldn't be too expensive, nor complicated to install.

Troubleshooting And Repairs

Your neon sign works its magic when gas inside the tube is excited by electrical charges. There aren't usually too many pieces to these devices, and investigating the occasional malfunction shouldn't be too exhaustive:

  1. Flickering likely indicates trouble with the supply of voltage or power. Check the wiring for any compromises, and if you notice one, unplug the unit right away.
  2. No power to your sign, even though it's plugged in, may mean a missed connection in the line that's affecting all other connections. Somewhat like Christmas tree lights, if one is blown or disconnected, the rest may not work properly either.
  3. Alternating issues or poor performance may be the result of transformer problems.
  4. A dim show put on by your neon light could be telling you there's a leak in the tube, through which gas is escaping.

While the components of a neon sign aren't usually complicated, you're probably better off having the sign professionally repaired, as opposed to attempting to fix it yourself. Unless you know a lot about how they work and the nature of electricity itself, it's safer to let an expert handle repairs. Check with your manufacturer or dealer to find out if the issue is covered by the warranty and what's involved in getting your sign back into peak and shining performance. Click here to learn more about neon sign repair.

There are many reasons to love neon, especially as a means of advertising for your business. Although you may be considered a "small" business, you're also mighty, driven, and empowered, making a bright and bold sign the perfect symbol of your company.

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