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6 Signs Every New Real Estate Agent Needs And Why

Real estate is all about the marketing. What most people do not realize, however, is that agents need to market both the house and themselves. One easy way to do that is with signs. There are many ways that custom signs and sign riders can be used to get the public's attention.

1. Name Rider: A brand new agent may not be able to afford a slew of custom signs on top of everything else they need to invest in. An easy solution is to use generic signs from the franchise they work with and add custom name riders. 

2. Just Listed: Another great rider to buy is one that states 'Just Listed'. It is an easy way to add a little flair to a standard sign and grab the attention of any cars driving by. 

3. SOLD!: The single best sign to buy is the infamous SOLD! sign. Making your first sale in real estate is tough and being able to slide the SOLD! rider into the groove is very satisfying. It is also a great way to market yourself as an agent and let the public know that you can sell their home, too. 

4.  Custom Photo Sign: Once a new agent has a few sales under their belt, investing in custom photo signs is important. As people drive by real estate signs, they are likely to remember a friendly face, particularly if they are seeing it all over town. Using a business head shot to create custom 'For Sale' signs is an effective marketing technique that successful agents use. 

5. Features: Over time, a new agent can add to their collection of sign riders until they have one for every occasion. Typically, sign riders are used to describe features of the home that can't be seen from the street, like 'Pool', 'Acreage', or even '5 Bedroom'. They can also be used to rely important information, like 'Reduced Price'.

6. Extras: Some agents even use sign riders to have a little 'tongue-in-cheek' fun. Displaying a rider that states 'Too Late' instead of 'SOLD!" shows a sense of humor. Another oddly popular sign rider for a laugh is 'Not Haunted'. Fun sign riders reveal the personality of an agent and bring a smile to the face of those driving by the home. 

Using custom signs and sign riders as a new agent is a good investment because it is an inexpensive way to market both the house and agent. 

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Improving Your Store's Environment

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