Improving Your Store's Environment

Design Ideas For An Impactful Health Food Store Sign

If you've just set up a small health food store in your community and are evaluating different sign ideas for the exterior of your building, you have an opportunity to create something that will impact your prospective customers. Your health food store's sign will compete with other businesses' signs, so it's important to choose a design that will not only stand out, but that will be true to your branding and your business concept. Talk to a commercial sign designer about the ideas that you want to come across in your sign. These concepts may be of use to you.

Produce Shapes

People often associate health food stores with vegetables, even though these retailers have many other products on the shelves. You can take advantage of this association by having one or more produce shapes or images on your sign. For example, one option might be to have an apple shape instead of the letter "O" in one of your words. This shape won't make the word difficult to read, and it will subtly reinforce your message of health. Other fruits and vegetables such as carrots and pears have easily recognizable shapes that can be valuable in your sign.

The Color Green

If there's one color that is well suited for a health food store, it's green. Not only are many different fruits and vegetables green, but people often use the name of this color to represent good health. For example, someone might talk about trying to "eat green." Green can definitely benefit your health food store's sign. You want to choose a natural green that suits your natural image — fluorescent green may catch people's eyes, but no natural food product has this color, so this is an ineffective hue to use. Green can work for your sign's lettering or the background.

Informative Wording

It's not simply enough to identify your health food store on its sign. You also need to provide some additional information that can help to draw people through your doors. While you can list some of the types of products that you carry, you need to be mindful of making your sign appear too cluttered. One option is to provide keywords that will appeal to large groups of people. For example, you might list such terms as "gluten free," "vegan," and "keto" — three types of diets that health-conscious people often follow. These are the types of people you'll want to get into your store.

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Improving Your Store's Environment

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