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Social Distancing-Appropriate Signs for Your Business

With social and physical distancing becoming the new norm for public health reasons, businesses are scrambling to update their signage to help provide for customer and staff safety in the workplace. Good signage is one of the keys to effectively implementing local and state health protocols in your workplace. The following are the social distancing signage your company needs to put in place to ensure proper safety compliance.

Entrance Alerts

Entrance alert signs are best displayed as window decals on the door or outside sandwich boards placed right by the entrance. The alert should include, at a minimum, information on preferred face mask protocols, updated business hours, and shopping restrictions such as limited capacity or section closures. Keep this sign relatively simple and easy to read. An eye-catching graphic of a mask or similar image will help catch the attention of those entering your business.

Queue Signs

The days of the crowded checkout line are of the past. Any area where customers tend to queue up, such as at checkouts, deli counters, or even the entrance will require courtesy decals to help maintain social distancing. Choose a brightly colored, eye-catching design that clearly says where to stand. These decals are placed directly on the floor and spaced 6 feet apart. There are weather-proof decals available for use outdoors.

Wayfinding Decals

One way traffic throughout your store will help prevent crowded shopping aisles. You can purchase these signs as decals that go on the floor, as stand signs that are placed at the aisle entrance, or as hanging signs that dangle above each aisle. Make sure that the signs are clearly marked with directional arrows so that there is no confusion about the flow of traffic.

Curbside Markers

If your business is like many others, you may have added online ordering and curbside pickup to your business model. To help manage traffic in the parking lot so that the curbside pickups don't interfere with walk-in customers, place clear signs to direct customers to the correct pickup location. Directional signs or feather flags can be placed in the parking lot to lead customers from the entrance to the pickup location. You will also need a sandwich board to mark the pickup location. It should also include the number to call so that an employee can be alerted to bring out the order.

Spacing Closures

Depending on your business, you may need to close certain areas to reduce capacity. For example, you may only have every other seat open in a waiting area or every other table in a restaurant. Signs that clearly state what parts are currently closed can help maintain these closures.

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